Riversun Journal 2013 Issue 07

Sunday, August 25, 2013
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Water proof switches, LED switches and more

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Riversun Journal 2013 Issue 07
Riversun News
  • LED Switches and Customized Switch Caps
    More and more customers value design, therefore, components with unique features  play key roles to build your core competence.
    Riding the wave of market, Riversun (HK) Ltd provide with all kinds of LED switches, such as LED tactile switches, LED touch switches, LED slide switches, especially the top seller TC017L series and TC013 series.  Riversun (HK) Ltd can also provide customized product. can get more than 100 existing images or any symbols you want to print on the LED caps.
    For more details, please feel free to contact us.
Featured Products


LED Tactile Switch, TC017L Series,mini dimension, bi-color LED illuminated available, SMT, right angle and vertical PCB terminal,Max:12V DC 50mA;Min:1V DC 50μA,Life Test 100,000,Customized Cap

Feature Application
  • mini dimension
  • bi-color LED illuminated available
  • customized switch cap
  • consumer products
  • computer products
  • instrumentation
  • communication equipments
  • ...


LED Tactile Switch, TC013 Series,small size, bi-color LED illuminated available,12V DC 50mA,Life Test 500,000

Feature Application
  • bi-color LED illuminated available
  • long electrical life cycles
  • consumer products
  • computer products
  • instrumentation
  • communication equipments
  • ...


DIP Switch NDS Series,Slide,1-10,12 Positions

Feature Application
  • Non-Switching Rating:100mA,50VDC
  • Switching Rating:25mA, 24VDC
  • Operation Temperature:-40℃ to +85℃
  • Storage Temperature:-40℃ to +85℃
  • mother board
  • set-top box
  • ...


Tactile Switch TC0302 Series,6.2*6.2

Feature Application
  • Demension: 6.2mm*6.2mm
  • consumer products
  • instrumentation
  • ...
Series Datasheets
TC017L Download
TC013 Download
NDS Download
TC0302 Download
Hotline :+86-755-26055892/93/51
E-mail :
Shenzhen Office : Room 1503-1505, 15/F,Huafeng International Commercial Building, NO. 4018, Baoan Ave.,Baoan District ,Shenzhen,P.R.C.
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Nouala's Highest Rated CommentsUgg is not just boots. They may be expending their lines to sandals, and dressier shoe. Working with the name Ugg as a trend to penetrate the market. I'm a women fashion shopper, and coming from a european culture, I am rather picky about footwear. I purchased a couple sandals from  their new collection for spring, and I can tell you that they are properly created and rather stylish, and much more importantly have an unbelievably comfortable insole which you can put on for long hours. Spring isn't here yet, and some of their sizes [url=]財布 fendi[/url] are sold out at Nordstrom, and Zappos. Same point for mens, they are [url=]財布 fendi[/url] deviating from ONLY boots, to [url=]財布 fendi[/url] extra sporty and fashion shoes, once more applying their understanding about comfort to produce them different and worth their cost. I agree that Deckers are having some problems with inventory, it really is understandable given the large unexpected hit on [url=]財布 fendi[/url] their boot the final [url=]財布 fendi[/url] couple years. When last year they had low inventory, and this year they are overstock. But I am confident that they are going to make it correct within the subsequent couple quarters. I"M Extended DECK, I was hoping the stock will go down to $75 to have a bight :))
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Shane Blackmon's Comments on DECKThanks for the comment!I do agree Ugg is best in breed. Those who use them, appreciate their items. I'll point since it becomes a great deal more commercials, now there can be [url=]ベビーディオール ギフト[/url] additional knockoffs. I've talked to [url=]ベビーディオール ギフト[/url] ten mates of mine that are ladies (mid 20's). Development prospects aren't as excellent as they were in 2009. The firm is trading at roughly 18x trailing earnings; [url=]ベビーディオール ギフト[/url] that isn't affordable or pricey. Then again, if [url=]ベビーディオール ギフト[/url] they cut EPS forecasts like i feel they might, [url=]ベビーディオール ギフト[/url] it's hard to value a business with no development within a offered year. Fund managers will wonder when the growth is rolling more than and the Ugg brand is dying. Preserve the comments coming, love to hear from every person!Feb 20 11:37 AMThe sales have quite substantially ended on these websites. The sale of Uggs on Dillards had been observed in Late Jan/Early Feb. As we've discussed prior to, we've implemented programs to assist mitigate the influence from greater sheepskin and raw material fees. production, and provide chain efficiencies which include decreased freight charges and other people. i'm factoring in they will handle and recover two.5% of that margin contraction from price increases and mix shift.
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I'm on business <a href=" ">writing service</a>  Read the paper&#8217;s statement of philosophy: &#8220;The Chicago Tribune believes in the traditional principles of limited government; maximum individual responsibility; minimum restriction of personal liberty, opportunity and enterprise. It believes in free markets, free will and freedom of expression. These principles, while traditionally conservative, are guidelines and not reflexive dogmas.&#8221;
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Photography <a href=" ">do my homework free</a>  Eight years after the August 2003 blackout, NERC found theCalifornia blackout in September 2011 happened because "thesystem was not being operated in a secure N-1 state. The failurestemmed primarily from weaknesses in ... operations planning andreal-time situational awareness," which is similar to whathappened in Ohio.
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Who's calling? generic zithromax 500mg  The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan survey showed Americans in early July were more optimistic about current economic conditions than they had been in six years, but had lost some confidence in the recovery's prospects.
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I do some voluntary work <a href=" ">buy zithromax online canada</a>  Nikhil Kumar is The Independent&#039;s New York correspondent. He was formerly assistant editor on the foreign desk and has also done a variety of jobs on the city desk, where he wrote about markets, commodities and other business and economics topics.
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What do you study? <a href=" ">order albenza</a>  While the Defense Department faces another round of automatic budget cuts known as sequestration, officials have repeatedly cited the tanker program as a priority because of the need to replace the aging and maintenance-prone KC-135 aircraft, which entered service in the mid-1950s.
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An estate agents purchase college papers  Arias' attorneys argue that the definition of "especially cruel" is too vague for jurors with no legal experience to determine what makes one killing more cruel or heinous than another. Their June motion appears to challenge a landmark 2002 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that found a defendant has the right to have a jury, rather than a judge, decide on the existence of an aggravating factor that makes the defendant eligible for capital punishment.
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My battery's about to run out online work for students  Shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg said: "David Cameron and Michael Gove have spent the last three years trying to personally rewrite the national curriculum - they should have listened to the experts in the first place.
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I'm only getting an answering machine seo article writing  PARIS, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Electricite de France (EDF) is under no pressure to sell assets and supports adevelopment plan for its electricity transport unit RTE, itschief financial officer said on Friday.
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I like watching football dissertation proposal service  Italy's political instability has also revived concernsabout its stagnant economy. Centre-right leader SilvioBerlusconi effectively brought down the government of PrimeMinister Enrico Letta by pulling his ministers out of thecabinet on Saturday, further delaying agreement on changesintended to reduce debt and revive growth.
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A packet of envelopes affordable essay writing service  ** Monsanto Co, the world's largest seed company,reported a deeper quarterly loss as seed sales slipped, andannounced the acquisition of a high-tech climate data firm thatit touted as a "transformational" growth engine. Investorsinitially appeared unimpressed with the $930 million purchase ofClimate Corp and instead eyed Monsanto's 2014 profit forecastand a drop in gross profit in its key corn and soybean seedbusiness in the latest quarter.
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Could I take your name and number, please? buy zithromax cheap  While labor action has been less frequent and more muted than last year when marches often turned violent, protests against public-sector reform have picked up since the government agreed this week to shrink the civil service.
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I'm a housewife <a href=" ">topamax price walgreens nc</a>  Judge Adeniyi Ademola Adetokunbo said Friday the men and quantity of arms discovered "pose national security challenges." Northeast Nigeria is under a state of emergency to halt an uprising by Islamic extremists.
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US dollars <a href=" ">custom essays cheap</a>  As Obama decides on possible dinner plans for tonight, he has also has another shutdown-era scheduling decision to make: Whether to travel Saturday for trips to Asian economic summits in Indonesia and Brunei.
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