Riversun provides various service such as one-stop BOM-kitting Solution, small quantities sample supply, and excess stock consignment program. Hence, we can help our customers save purchasing cost , reduce lead time , turn excess stock into cash and accelerate capital turnover.

Riversun provides One-stop BOM-kitting Solution for you, thus will help you consolidate the shipment, shorten your procurement time and accelerate new product launch time with high-quality and cost effective products. Our focus industries falls in below segments:

  • Medical/Test instruments
        Blood pressure monitors, ECG, biochemical analyzer, ultrasound equipment, RF equipment, environmental detector, etc.
  • Audio devices
        Digital audio and video processing, stage equipment etc.
  • Telecommunication/Security
         Base station, monitoring equipment, etc.
  • Transportation
        Controller, vehicle inspection, car audio / radio transceiver, heavy engineering vehicles, high-speed rail, shipping, airport equipment etc.
  • Power
        Power equipment, inverter etc.

1).Smart selection
2).Design and substitute check
3).Price check
4).Sample arrangement
5).Customized check

Sales Processing:
1).Professional sales engineers to answer your specific questions.
2).Big volume and backlog support for our strong brands.
3).Unique support for small batch BOM, especially useful for industries like medical and industrial control. You can send us the whole BOM, we can quote to you within 1-3days.

After Sales:
1).Simultaneous logistic query.
2).Custom info feedback
3).Re-design and adjustment
4).Feedback collection by return visit or survey
5).New design recommendation


The workflow is as the following:

  • Collect bom-kitting requirement , such as BOM, lead time, unit price expected,etc
  • Confirm the requirement and sourcing
  • Report the order state to customer
  • Deliver to customer JIT

Riversun has Small Quantities Supply Plan (SQSP) to serve customer who need small quantities sample for new design or substitution.


The workflow is as the following:

  • Collect sample requirement, such as technical specifications, volume , project info from manufacturers like your company.
  • Search parts or alternative parts for you
  • Deliver sample s to you
  • Assist you to test sample

Riversun also provides consign program to help industrial customers to solve the excess stock problem. Riversun’s excess stock consign program can increase excessive inventory into cash and accelerate capital turnover.


There are two options for the consignment program.

Option A:

  • Collect stock information , such as part number., quantity ,date code, manufacturer, unit price from manufacturers like your company
  • Promote in designated industry after analysis
  • Conclude a transaction with target customers who are interested in the stock, and place order to you and we control the whole process

Option B:

  • Sign a consignment contract with industrial customers like your company
  • Transport your inventory to Riversun’s warehouse
  • Promote in designated industry after analysis
  • Close the deal then share profit with your company at setting rate

Please feel free to contact us for further details.