About Us

Riversun (Hong Kong) Limited, established in 2006, is electronic components procurement and circuit design centre for industrial manufacturers. We provide end to end turn-key solutions. Products range from active parts (IC, transistors, and diodes) ,passive parts (capacitors, resistors, connectors, filters, inductors etc.) to electrometrical components(switches and relays etc.).

Riversun is dedicated to providing the best service by its professional sales team with rich technical background. Currently, we can support customers in below fields, such as industrial control, transportation, medical, telecommunication, environmental protection, new energy and security. And we are committed to offer industrial-grade products to your middle to high end application with high quality product and service.

Likewise, Riversun also provides various services such as one-stop BOM-kitting Solution, small quantities sample supply, and excess stock consignment program. Hence, we can help our customers save purchasing cost, reduce lead time, and turn excess inventory into cash to accelerate capital turnover. Furthermore, industry newsletters are released every month to help you build competitive advantage with suitable solution in early stage.

Furthermore,Riversun ,as franchised distributor of Kody and partner of WB and DIP, supplies broad range of switches to suit your needs, including but not limited to Illuminated switch, LED switch ,dip switch, pushbutton switch, rocker switch, rotary switch, slide switch, snap action switch, tactile switch, toggle switch, leaf switch, Jack, and socket, etc.Meanwhile, having built up long term strategic cooperation with its partners, Riversun has strong capability to offer booking service with extensive brands, such as Gigatronix, SignalQuest, Raychem, Rubycon,  nichicon , Maxim, ST, SanKen, Fairchild, Toshiba ,Intersil, ON, Torex, Microchip , Murata, TDK , Spansion, Micron , Molex, HRS, Tyco ,etc.

Customer Footprints:
Asia: Greater China, Japan, Korea, Philippine, Thailand, India, Singapore, and Malaysia;
Europe: Germany, UK, Ireland, Poland, CZ republic, Russia, and Lithuania;
American: USA, Brazil etc.

Our competitive advantages,vision and values as the following:


Design and Material checking:

  • We understand your industry; therefore we comprehend your design demand. What you need may not either be the most expensive part or the cheapest one, but the most suitable one. We have self-developed electronic components analysis system, thus we can match your demand with our industrial database in short time. We deeply understand: this is not a simple Part No inquiry, but a solution demand.
  • At the initial stage of circuit design, we can also provide suggestions based on your products in the specific industry, to ensure the perfect match between design and the production process.
  • You can also benefit from our customized program on switch and transformer to build up your unique competitive advantage.

Assured quality and prompt shipment:

  • Every lot of our products can be traced by our internal ERP, customized procurement database and categorized management process.
  • We have strict inspection before shipment ,including but not limited to all details of lot and photos .
  • In respond to different customer requirements, Riversun not only provides international logistics service but also the local door to door courier service.

After sales service:

  • We listen to you and totally understand your feedback is important for our continuous improvement, hence we need your help:you may receive our return survey or visit during certain period. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Riversun has its marketing team and can help analyze the industry trend and make cross recommendation for you.

Customized service:

  • Industry inventory exchange:Sometimes you have to buy a minimum package instead of the small quantity you actually need. Therefore, you can send the excess part to us.We can handle for you. This can reduce the inventory management cost and enhance the inventory turnover.
  • Sample test for specific industrial application.
    Now we provide below type of samples:
      • Relay
      • Switches
      • Jack
      • Capacitors
      • Sockets
    For other type of sample not listed above,please feel free to contact us.


Riversun understand your aspiration of competing in fierce global market. And we aim to be a reliable and respected supplier. We are dedicated to listening to you, to understanding you, and to supporting you along the ways to your success. We’d prefer to express our vision and value as the guide, and this explains why we exist.

Our Vision:

  • Improve your competitive advantage by our service, help to provide green reliable excellent products for end customers.

Our Values:

  • We do green business, refuse gray business.
  • We deliver parts with justice values.
  • Small win based on wisdom, sustainable big success based on morality.