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Pushbutton Switch KODY PB11E01 Series

Pushbutton Switch, KODY PB11E01 Series DC 30V 0.1A -16°C to 60°C Life Test100,000 100gf±30gf L*W(mm):13*11.6 Height(mm):Cap:7±0.1 Body:10.3 Pin:3.5

Pushbutton Switch KODY PB22E60 Series Self-lock

Pushbutton Switch, KODY PB22E60 Series;SELF-LOCK DC 12V 0.1A -16°C to 60°C Life Test 10,000 150gf±50gf 250gf±100gf 300gf±100gf L*W(mm):5.8*5.8 Height(mm):

Pushbutton Switch KODY PBM0101 Series

Pushbutton Switch, KODY PBM0101 Series DC 30V 0.1A -16°C to 60°C Life Test 10,000 250gf±50gf L*W(mm):10.0*9.8 Height(mm):Cap:6.6 Body:8.4 Pin:3.5

Pushbutton Switch KODY PBM82E06 Series

Pushbutton Switch, KODY PBM82E06 Series L*W(mm):33.3*9.0 Height(mm):Cap:12.5 Body:12.5 Pin:3.4
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